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Message From the Director :

All men dream of success. For some it remains a dream. Others take these vague , but forceful , driving dreams and give them definite shape . Some people choose to unleash their potential through arts, music or through the sciences. In today's fluid and rapidly evolving buisness environment some might choose to manage and lead buisness or play a vital role in top consultancies and banking firms.

The process of liberalization in India has resulted in tremendous buisness activity in the private sector. A great man transnational companies are looking at this country either aeir products a manufacturing /resources base or as vast market for their products and services. In every industry and every economy paradigms are shifting, calling upon new knowledge and skills for success.

With an impressive infrastructure , unmatched expertise and emphasis on detail , our centers are providing result oriented coaching to Engineering aspirants. Our Focus is on Excellence and to achieve this , our structured system monitors the progress of each student at a micro and macro – level , ensuring that he/she performs to his/her true potential.

Shruti Classes stands head and shoulders above the rest because of our dedicated and highly motivated faculty members , all chosen with care to meet the challenges of the vast competitions facing the students . The success of our students signifies that .

- Avinash Kumar Tripathy