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Our Features:

Shruti Classes encourages Independent Thinking and helps the students in developing holistic perspectives , strong domain knowledge contemprorory skill sets and positive attitudes.

ClassRoom Teaching
Is a must for Future IITians for this we adopt certain means which enhances one's progress. We being a more traditional institute give a huge weightage to the classes being conducted timely methodically and in an open atomsphere where you are free to learn , enhance and assimilate the inputs provided.

Shruti Classes provides assignment sheet , workouts , handout printed notes as and when required to suit a respective Teachers and a given topics requirement. We are in the progress of preparing individual text for shruti classes Shortly. At SHRUTI CLASSES (telco center) classes are conducted in a very calm , serene atmosphere of the pious temple surroundings. The punctuality and matter supplied by our team will be paralleled. Our team consists of the core group and the assembled group . Core group refers to experienced teachers who have experience of over 10 years of teaching in respective field.