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Courses :


Regular Course for Engineering Entrance Exam '16':
Course starting from MARCH – APRIL 2015. The course will be completed in all respects by February. During Course regular class test , are conducted on objective and subjective pattern to monitor the performance of students . Analytical Questions discussions ,indepth analysis of test and discussion classes are held alternate week, (on important topic).Shruti Classes is one which dreams big for average capability Students.


Two Years comprehensive course for Engg . Entrance '17'
The Course is divided into two parts . In the first 8 months Basics , with the point of view of School exams for XI th and then 3 months the upward Integration Programme.In the next 6 months XII th , school level and next 3 months total revision . Classes finished by January – '17'


Fast track Course For Engineering entrances
Course starting from 3rd Monday of October 2015 will continue till march – 2016.
Important chapters will be dealt with special speed breaking tests and skills will be provided to overcome time-traps.
Two test a month compulsory

Test Series For Class XII passed and appearing Students
This Course commences from August and continues till march . There will be no teaching of syllabus in this course as usually is done in other courses. The students will study the courses topics themselves and shall come prepared for the tests and discussions as per schedule provided to the students at the time of admission . Difficulty classes & tests analysis sessions are conducted to improve the performance of Students. The schedule of this course is completed by march . A student who has passed XII Board Examination can only take admissions to this course.